Monday, September 1, 2008

Increase Online Traffic Using The Best Techniques

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Starting a website is not the start of a business. You need to identify your clientele and welcome them to view your products and that is when you need to increase online traffic. And it is only by increasing traffic to your site that you can attract customers to buy your products.

There are many available ways to augment the traffic to your website, but I can't talk about all of them in this article. You can find more in Google Snatch, a quite interesting internet marketing book.

Formulating your site is probably the first thing that needs to be done. It has to be attractive, precise and credible. Words and beautiful graphics are indispensable. When you have a product you have to sell it. You cannot be waiting for potential customers to knock at your door. Select some prominent and catchy keywords or more appropriately small phrases to let your potential clients know about the specialty of your site. Using your keyword or phrase again and again in your site will increase the chance of gaining popularity in the web world.

Once your website is functional, it needs to be checked for its potentiality. Check how many clicks it takes to reach the site. Ideally it should not take more than three clicks. Your website must be designed in such a way, that both an experienced web traveler and even a novice web user must feel comfortable to navigate with ease within the site and use it.

Another solution to increase online traffic is to 'buy' traffic. The site can be registered with the popular search engines that direct traffic to the sites. Also the site can be linked to similar and popular well charted sites which can increase online traffic. Internet traffic can also be bought through pay-per-click search engines, however the down side is payment.

These search engines allow you to select the keywords and bid for the top position. When you bid on targeted keywords, you get instant traffic with pay-per-click search engines. If possible, bid to appear on the top three listings. This will reach eighty per cent of the online users.

Web users are usually very pressed for time and that factor has to be taken into consideration. When there is a dense population it is the well seen, prominent ones that catch the eye. And so with the online web traffic too, with thousands of competitive sites vying for attention, the top ones get the chunk of attention. For this the first few sites of the popular search engines carry away the most and score over others.

Professional agencies are available that give tips to make the site look smart. Including interactive materials with rewards and competitions are likely to gain an upper hand.

In addition to increasing the friendliness of your site, in this competitive world advertising is another important investment that could be done. In this fast changing time keeping the site updated needs to be taken care of regularly. A little look into these details and you are sure to increase online traffic.

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